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Take care, and remember to be in contact with your state officials to voice your concerns about MSHA. Our tax dollars pay for MSHA, which is under the Department of Labor. Our fine money goes into the general fund, and we cannot afford to keep paying out costly fines on the more and more frequent trivial citations to essentially support government spending. At least that is how I feel about it.

~ Kathy


Saturday, April 4, 2009


The following information was taken from
the MSHA Safety Log Booklet

Pre-Operational Inspection
Checklists for Mobile Equipment:

[] Fluids and Lubricants

[] Hydraulic and Air Hoses

[] Frame

[] Pulleys and Belts

[] Fire Extinguisher

[] Tires, Rims, Linkage, U-Joints

[] Handholds, Ladders, Steps

[] Door Hinges and Latches


[] Mirrors Adjustment and Condition

[] Seat Belts Condition and Latching

[] Lights, Wipers and Gauges

[] Windshield and Cab Glass

[] Heater, Defroster, Air Conditioner

[] Reverse Alarm and Horn

[] Parking Brake

[] Service/Foot Brake

[] Steering

[] Housekeeping

Workplace Examination
Checklist for the Quarry Pit:

[] Roadways and Ramps

[] Traffic Control Signals

[] Berm Placement and Height

[] Haul Driver Hazard Training

[] Loading Site Controls

[] Dump Point Berms, Blocks and Signals

[] Highwall Hazard Assessment

[] Drilling and Blasting Operations

[] Explosives Storage

[] Noise and Dust Controls

[] Fail Protection on Highwalls

[] Sumps

Workplace Examination
Checklist for the Plant:

[] Hopper/Crusher Hazard Assessment

[] Emergency Stops

[] Elevated Walkways and Handrails

[] Access Steps and Ladders

[] Guards on Moving Machinery

[] Conveyor Roller Guards

[] Electrical Installations Condition

[] Lockout and Tagout Devices

[] Oxygen/Acetylene Equipment

[] Welding Equipment

[] Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage

[] Warning Signs and Barricades

[] Start Up Alarms

[] Control Room Glass and Environment

[] Dust and Noise Controls

[] Personal Protective Equipment

[] First-Aid Equipment and Training

[] Emergency Phone Numbers

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